Senior serves as president of two clubs


Photo / Seray Sezgen

David Hernandez, a senior at Coronado, strives to carry out his duties as Guitar Club President and Harmonica Club President to the best of his ability.

Senior David Hernandez, the president of the Guitar Club and the founder and president of the Harmonica Club, describes himself as dedicated and ultimately excited to do things he likes.

He has an extraordinary love for anything and everything related to music: singing, playing instruments, and writing music. His passion has driven him to  seek leadership positions in two clubs with which he is involved.

Being the president of a club is not easy, and being the president of more than one club is harder still.

With the titles he possesses come multiple responsibilities. For Guitar Club, he encourages others to enhance their guitar-playing skills through practicing and performing. As part of his Harmonica Club duties, he and the vice president organize the dates for rehearsals and events, making sure that all members are prepared to play.

Becoming a president of a club does not happen suddenly. Commitment and dedication are enormous factors that contribute to attaining such a role. Hernandez had to take guitar classes for four years to be the president of the club. To be elected Harmonica Club president, he went through the complicated process of attracting members and getting administrative approval of the organization.

He admits that participating in and leading clubs is more than simply a form of entertainment. It also provides experiences to gain new knowledge and perspectives.

“With the guitar club, I’ve learned that there’s a lot of things I can do to help others as a president,” he said.

Improved time management, communication skills, and interpersonal relationships are all benefits to be gained from being part of a club, especially in a leadership position. Yet, above all, Hernandez believes that it is a student’s effort that reaps great rewards.

“As long as you work really hard, put 100% commitment, and [remain] optimistic about the thing you’re doing, you will always find something good,” he said.

With such a wide variety of clubs offered at Coronado and chances to form new ones, every student  is sure to find at least one they enjoy.