Fans anticipate the release of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean


Photo courtesy / Hirohiko Araki

The popular fantasy action-packed anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure returns for the sixth installment in the series, a return that fans have been anticipating since the end of Part 5 in 2019.

Josh Haefner, Editor

After a two-year wait, fans of the anime adaptation of the extremely popular manga ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’ will soon be able to watch the story of Jolyne Cujoh in ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean’. Fans are more excited than ever for Part 6 after the release of an official trailer that introduces some elements of the part’s plot and some of the central characters.

From what has been shown so far, the adaptation definitely looks like it will be a good watch, both for those who have already read the story in the manga and those who will soon experience it for the first time.

Part 6 will be the anime’s fifth season and takes place in America in the year 2011, ten years after ‘Golden Wind’, the previous animated part. While Giorno Giovanna and the rest of Part 5’s main characters are absent from Part 6, fans will still have a familiar face to look forward to seeing in the form of Jotaro Kujo, who served as the protagonist of ‘Part 3: Stardust Crusaders’ and a major supporting character in ‘Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable’.

However, Jotaro isn’t the main character this time around. That title goes to his daughter Jolyne Cujoh, the series only female protagonist to date. Her more snappy personality should serve as a good contrast to the more reserved nature of Part 5 protagonist Giorno Giovanna.

Photo courtesy / Hirohiko Araki

Part 6 is filled with new characters and interesting twists and turns all throughout, and studio David Production seems to be working on a season that will be worth the wait for fans.

Yugo Kanno, who has been the composer of the anime’s soundtracks since ‘Stardust Crusaders’ is confirmed to be returning for the OST as well, and some of his work can be heard in the trailer, with his theme for Jolyne taking some clear inspiration from ‘Il Vento D’oro’, the theme of previous protagonist Giorno Giovanna.

The anime looks like a very faithful adaptation of the manga thus far, but fans can expect some new content to flesh out certain events and characters, as has been the case with the anime thus far. Since the manga has been out for over a decade, fans looking to avoid spoilers should be careful until the ‘Stone Ocean’ anime releases on Netflix in December 2021.