Dance Company Share an Important Bond


Photo / Tamara Rivera

The Dance Company is a tight-knit group

 Strong leadership and enthusiastic members define this year’s dance company. All the girls work together to show the passion they share for dance.

Every girl has an important role on the team and the captain leading them forward this year is Maddiux Moshaver.

“I have been dancing ever since I was little,” Moshaver said.

While Maddiux has a fun time running and guiding the girls as Captain, there are many challenges that come with leading well.

“One of the most important things as Captain is making the right decision,” Moshaver said. “I am friends with everyone and care for each of them very much, but sometimes there are decisions that have to be made where I have to separate myself from that friendship. I have to view them from a Captain’s perspective instead of a friend, and finding that balance between the relationships is what is best for the team.”

Although the team has many hard times and difficulty throughout the year, they find ways to make time for all the training and discipline that the dance company involves. The work within the girls is shown by the projects, competitions, shows, etc.

“We all work together by having different jobs, for example, by choreographing, making the schedule, making the order of the dances, and making sure everything runs as smooth as possible,” Social Officer Chantal Cordova said. “The company decides what dances would be the ones participating in the competition we would be attending that year. After, we would audition, train, and rehearse. Company also invites guest choreographers for our competitions.”

Company also participates in many of the school events. Creating new exciting dances for the people in the crowd.

“Dance Company participates in Homecoming pep rallies, basketball halftimes, we have our own shows, etc,” Social Officer Camila Santana said.

Although dance company has many hardships, they still work hard and figure what is best for them and the school. Bonding and strengthening the girls to work together is the most important factor for the team as a whole.