Netflix: Kaleidoscope (Future of Storytelling)

A new heist drama series called Kaleidoscope debuted on January 1, 2023, on Netflix. The first seven episodes of this eight-episode series can be seen in any order, allowing viewers to reach the same destination in a variety of ways. This makes the series highly special.

Viewers can jump ahead or back in time 25 years with each episode they choose, either before or after the robbery has occurred. Each episode has a particular color or hue that corresponds to a key aspect of that part of the story. White, the term of the fixed finale that describes the theft itself, is created when the colors are united.

The narrative follows a group of expert thieves who eventually work together to open an indestructible vault and receive the largest reward in history. However, they must first defeat both the FBI and the most powerful corporate security squad in the world before they can really get away with the money. Additionally, the series includes the six-month period after the theft in addition to the heist itself.

In contrast to other series where viewers had the ability to discuss their thoughts after each episode was released on social media and with friends, Kaleidoscope saves the conversation for the very end due to its single format. Viewers are invited to discuss how the order they watched the episodes affected how they saw the story’s narrative once they finished the series.

With up to 5,040 viewing combinations, Kaleidoscope seems to be a step toward a new era of television, exploring innovative approaches to storytelling and the viewing experience.

Making a non-linear series is trickier than it seems because there are over 5,000 different ways to view this series. In theory, that many TV episodes and storylines must be created, simultaneously. Each character must be introduced, along with the challenges they encounter, in every episode. Each episode is a stand-alone story with characters and a basic idea that are shared by all the others.

The show is a great brainteaser on its own, and it’s even more enjoyable to connect the dots when you consider how the episodes will unfold. Every episode of the series is its own captivating guessing game because of the show’s vibrant colors and hidden secrets everywhere. The team’s skillful application of creative workarounds to overcome the safe’s security features, like Kaleidoscope’s, is what ultimately keeps us watching heist films over and over again.