Construction Begins on ‘B’ Building Despite Multiple Setbacks


Photo / Sophia Salais

Construction of the new B building is well underway.

The new ‘A’ building, inaugurated back in January, was the latest project from the EPISD bond.
The project started back in 2019 taking around three years to complete. The remodeling,
however, is far from being done as the second part of the building, or ‘B’ building, is currently in
the works.

The demo of the old ‘A’ building, located by the cafeteria, was finalized just a couple of months
ago. Leaving plenty of space for the new ‘B building’ and courtyard to fit into.

“If you look at the side of the current new building you will see an extensive amount of gray
cement block exposed,” Assistant Principal Mr. Dentinger said. “That is the outline of where the
new building will connect.”

Currently, the construction crew workers are focused on preparing the groundwork, essential for
the construction to be able to commence. The discoveries they’ve made during the digging of the
old foundation, however, have caused potential delays in the scheduling plans.

“There’s been a lot of stuff as they dig down, to put in the new foundation, they’re finding more
to the old foundation than what was showing in the plans and so that’s been a big challenge,”
Dentinger said. “I believe there might be a change of schedule.”

Due to the arising challenges with the foundation, the prepping of the ground will be the main
priority for crew workers until it is set and ready for construction.

“Until we start prepping everything and get the last part of the building, everything will remain
the same when school starts again in August,” Dentinger said. “Until we start prepping
everything and get the last part of the building which probably won’t be till well into 2023.”

Extra details concerning the ‘B building’ are that it will be linked to the new ‘A building’ and
will also hold three floors. The courtyard will be at the center, fenced in by both buildings, the
gym, and the cafeteria.

“The 2nd half of the new building will be referred to as “B” building. It will be the 3-story
building which will run parallel to Champions not far from the sidewalk,” Mr. Dentinger said.

The forming of the infrastructures lies ahead of us, with a long process of prepping the ground,
getting around bumps, and construction to be completed.

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