Construction update

The EPISD Bond has made significant progress since it was first implemented in 2016. This $668.8 million dollar project renovates many El Paso’s public schools and features specific budgets for each high school. The main goal of EPISD bond is to renovate outdated buildings and create a modern look for the high schools.

“Coronado has the biggest and largest budget, estimated by taxpayer dollars,” Assistant Principal Andrew Dentinger said.

The construction has three main phases and as of now, phase one is completed and portions of phase two. Phase one consisted of tearing the parking lots down, abating b-building, tearing down the custodian houses, and adjusting the portables. Phase two includes moving students and teachers to the new blue buildings. Phase three starts when the building is torn down and students and teachers move into the new buildings.

As of November, the goal for the new building is to move in after winter break. The series of meetings for the new decisions of the construction is beginning Nov. 3rd, 2021.

“Hopefully by Thanksgiving there will be a solid plan,” Dentinger said.

“The main issues were with the new blue building. It needed a retaining wall, which then needed to be adjusted. This was necessary for structure,”  Dentinger said.

Also, the new murals are in the process of being fully completed. The murals are set to be exhibited outside of the PEIMS clerks office. There is another mural to be shown on the main hallway.

However, in order to approve these new changes, the construction will need to obtain a occupancy certificate. Then they can start the process of abatement, which will happen in spring 2022.

The entire process to construct the new buildings involves steps to ensure safety and quality. Dentinger shared the specific steps that are incorporated when constructing a new building:

“It’s a three-step process: step one is abating [removing asbestos], step two is tearing down the building, and step three is building the new structure,”  Detinger said.

Since 2016, a timeline of progress has been made.

In November of 2019, concrete placement work was underway.

Concrete placement for the new “A” building has been completed.

In the same month, foundation for the new fieldhouse began.

In December 2019, the Stem Wall Concrete Placement at the new fieldhouse had been completed.

The new bus loop had also been established.

Summer progress consisted of the completion of the bus loop, a new foundation for the cafeteria, and a new utility corridor.

Currently, the field house interior showers have been completed and construction of the new “A” building is still underway.

“The main goal of construction is to update the buildings that were outdated,” Dentinger said.

Some of the updates that are a part of the EPISD bond are the replacement of buses, a district-wide technology updates that includes connectivity, classroom tools, and new equipment, as well as new safety equipment such as a radio service upgrade. Currently, May 2023 will be the completed construction date.