D and E Buildings to be Repainted


Photo / Natalie Lewis

The new color scheme better reflects Coronado’s colors.

In effort to bring visual consistency to campus, D and E building are being repainted blue and gray. This has sparked a range of reactions from students and staff.

“I think it’s a step in the right direction, it’s better than the red which had no tie into the colors of our school,” Mr. Dameworth said. “The blue and the gray look very good combined with the new A building especially from the street, the new colors help represent Coronado.”

Colors can affect the way people think, feel, and act. Colors can make you feel differently without you even noticing. While perceptions of color are somewhat subjective there are some color effects that have universal meaning. For example, colors on the blue side of the spectrum are described as calm colors.

“This screams school spirit, and the colors help people understand that we have a lot of school spirit here at Coronado,” Senior Julian Martinez said. “The blue and gray kind of have a calming touch to them, other than the bright red.”

The whole school is said to be done in 2024-2025. Many people are looking forward to when it’s finally finished.

“I think the school is going to look a lot better once it is finished.” Freshman Abby Pendergras said.

The school is already starting to look nicer with the new building, and the new colors of E building, but people on campus have ideas to beautify the school even more.

“Maybe adding some plants, or sculptures around the school could make the school look even better.” Junior Alec Felhaber said.

The topic of appearance is very important to the staff and students here at Coronado. The colors are helping improve how nice the school looks, and many feel this should continue.

“Keeping up with the theme of colors on the campus will really help what the school looks like as a whole,” Mr. Dameworth said. “And hopefully when they build the second building, making sure that both students and staff are keeping the grounds clean and litter-free would be a good idea.”

Many anticipate the paint job’s completion.