Go Center Returns


Photo / William Casillas

Students can stop by the Go Center for assistance and resources.

William Casillas, Writer

The Go Center, a comprehensive resource for students of all grades as they navigate the college and career readiness process, has reopened. The center provides a wide range of opportunities and services to help students prepare for post-secondary education and future careers. College and Career Readiness advisor Robert Forti is behind the revival.

One of the main ways the Go Center assists students is by providing opportunities for college representatives to come and meet with students.

“We also advise students who are filling out their application process,” Forti said.

The center also coordinates with local schools such as EPCC and UTEP to hold Apply Texas days, where seniors are encouraged to apply to three or more colleges. This helps to increase the chances of students being accepted into a college of their choice and receiving financial aid by making the institutions aware of their situations and how academically gifted they are.

In addition to helping students with the college application process, the Go Center also provides resources and assistance for students interested in pursuing specific college programs.

“We would provide them with general background on those programs. A lot of that goes through students and their counselor because most of it needs to be very curated to them,” Forti said. “Because of that, there’s not much we can do besides additional research into the career path.”

The center also offers TSI testing and works closely with counselors to ensure that resources are tailored to each student’s needs. This personalized approach helps to ensure that students are provided with accurate and relevant information that is specific to their interests and aspirations. Additionally, the Go Center provides information on scholarships and financial aid options to help make college more affordable for students.

“The go center informs students of scholarships and I use a program called Smore to provide a newsletter to all students,” Forti said.

The Go Center is committed to being inclusive and accessible to all students and promotes the center through regular announcements and office hours.

“We don’t have any restrictions on the center,” Forti said. “We post office hours, we advertise the center, we promote when entities come in, and we provide resources to students.”

This ensures that all students are aware of the center and the resources it provides, regardless of their backgrounds or socioeconomic status.

The center also collaborates with other organizations and institutions, such as colleges and the military, to provide additional resources and opportunities for students.

“Even though Coronado hasn’t had a go center for a long time, it is a well-established concept in schools,” Forti said. “So, colleges know who we are, and additionally they come to me first because I’m the College and Career readiness advisor.”

The Go Center provides support for students with specific endorsements such as STEM or P-Tech by researching career and college paths that would be beneficial to them.

“We try to steer students in the right direction and provide new information to them,” Forti said.

Thanks to the Go Center students are provided with accurate and relevant information that is specific to their interests and aspirations, and that they are well-prepared for their future.